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TRB TET B.T Assistant Syllabus - English

Syllabus for Competitive Examination for Recruitment of ASSISTANT ELEMENTARY EDUCATIONAL OFFICER PUBLISHED BY GOVERNMENT GAZETTE NO.7A, PART - II SECTION - 2 (SUPPLEMENT), DATED 25-02-2009 (PAGE 1 TO 16) APPROVED BY THE GOVERNMENT. IN ITS G.O. MS.NO.58. SCHOOL EDUCATION (Q2) DEPARTMENT, DATED 16-02-2009. ENGLISHUnit I: Social History of England1. Medieval Period to Restorationa) Feudalism b) Church during the age of Chaucer c) Monasteries d) Renaissance e) Reformation f) The Puritan War g) Colonial Expansion h) Social Life during the Restoration Period 2. The Romantic Period to the Modern Agea) American War of Independence b) French Revolution c) Agriculture Revolution d) Industrial Revolution e) Reform Bills f) Victorian England: Issues and Problems g) Reform Bills h) Colonial Expansions of Britain i) Pre-war and post-war Britain j) Labour Movement k) Welfare State. Unit II: History of English Literature1. Chaucer to Renaissancea) Beginnings of Drama b) Shakespeare and his Contemporaries c) Elizabethan Pr…